“Revalorisation of vegetable remnants into high-value functional proteins and fibers”

The primary production, trade and industrial processing of vegetables results in large proportions of vegetable waste in food waste streams. Nowadays, this vegetable waste is often fermented, composted or used merely as feed for animals. However, these waste streams contain valuable components and ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Based on a strong know-how and patents portfolio, we at GreenProtein are hard at work finishing the development of a truly disruptive innovation in the fields of protein production and food loss reduction by producing high-added value, food-grade functional proteins called Rubisco and vegetable fibres out of the vegetable waste streams from the vegetable processing industry and rural communities.

Due to exceptionally strong market demand for high-functional novel proteins, we have now also begun preparations for the harvest of crops specifically for the extraction of Rubisco.